Stitching a Brand Together

Interim Scarves is a collaboration with my wife, Lynda. She has a talent for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind crocheted pieces and wanted to sell the creations online during the fall and winter. We worked together to create an identity that holds to the same qualities as the pieces.

Branding, Photography, Web Design
Interim Scarves
Freight Text Pro Text Example and Proxima Nova Text Example


Freight Text and Proxima Nova's lowercase x-heights compliment each other well. Both families were utilized throughout the brand and produce a harmonious feeling when tastefully combined.


Custom photography was essential to display the stitching and texture of the scarves.

Stone Gray

RGB: 113, 115, 129
HEX: #717380

Light Gray

RGB: 184, 185, 192
HEX: #B8B9C0

Winter Rose

RGB: 183, 172, 176

Snow White

RGB: 255, 255, 255


A colder, muted color palatte compliments the scarves and photographic style.

Print Material

Package inserts and business cards were created for brand awareness.

Web Store

A simple webstore was designed and developed to sell to customers.


Scarves - Lynda Kasky

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