Getting There with Deskpass

One of the biggest challenges Deskpass had to address when building the platform was navigating members into coworking locations. Coworking spaces come in all shapes and sizes and have various security measures implemented in order to access their building.

User Experience, Front-End Development


The solution we arrived at was the implementation of an endpoint in our API known as “getting_there”. This allows spaces to list a series of simple steps for the Deskpass member to take upon arriving at the location.

This information is private, everchanging, and is on a "need-to-know" basis. It was important to not disclose the informaton unless the member had a reservation at the location. To solve this problem, we updated space reservation email design.

The design of this email informs the member of everything that they need to know when accessing the space including the address, hours, contact information, space photo (visual confirmation), link to cancel the reservation, and most importantly, how to access the space.


The addition of this feature led to a dramatic reduction in morningtime customer support issues. We no longer had to devote unnecessary additional time and resources assisting users getting into locations. This led to happier customers and a more seamless Deskpass experience.


Engineer - Bryan Purcell
Engineer - Tony Adams