Deskpass App




Product Design




Deskpass is a coworking platform that gives members access to over 500 workspaces across the United States. My role was to design the complete end-to-end user experience.


Problem Presented

Sam Rosen, a co-owner of the first coworking space in Chicago, had a vision to create a subscription platform centered around coworking and community.



I worked with Sam in designing the Deskpass MVP for iOS. Utilizing Sam's knowledge of coworking spaces, the coworking community in Chicago, and knowledge of the types of user personas that we were targeting allowed us to work in a quick iterative process.

v1.0 Shipped

Post v1.0 of the initial Deskpass launch, the team found they were abandoning a large market of users and incurred missed opportunity cost. Deskpass needed to pivot in order to reach its full market potential.

Pivoting the platform to a web browser based application that catered to a larger target audience was necessary for growth.

Web App

Months later, an updated app experience was launched.

User research, information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, high-fidelity designs in Sketch, handoff with Zeplin, feature sprints, close collaboration with engineering, gathering feedback from users, and A/B testing are just a few of the ways I helped get Deskpass to the state where it lives today.

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