Coworking on Demand

Deskpass gives members access to over 100 coworking locations in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and Denver for one monthly rate. When building out the platform it was important for the reservation experience to be as agile as the members are. The ability to quickly book a location on-demand was the most necessary feature.

Product Design

Creating a Booking

The main determining factor in booking a coworking space on Deskpass boils down to location and hours. It was important for this information to be easily scannable prior to viewing more detailed information about a space.

Within each description contains photos, location information, hours of operation, amenities, and a small description of the space. Booking is as simple as confirming the date and tapping a button.

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Built for Expansion

When the Deskpass app was built out we initially launched in Chicago and then began to expand to additional cities. The ability to easily expand the platform heavily influenced the design of the app and has worked seamlessly for each new city launch.

Gathering Feedback

Deskpass regularly hosts free coworking meetups to gather feedback about the service and to better understand its members' needs.


Founder - Sam Rosen
Engineer - Bryan Purcell
Engineer - Tony Adams
Engineer - Ryan Kolak

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